Dean's message


IN Chung - Ang

In the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the role of universities has shifted in society and is rapidly changing. For the past 20 years, universities experienced a transition from a movement from the traditional quest for truth to the pursuit of practical value. However, now it is time to move pass these pursuits and embark on a new journey, a pursuit to develop more talented people equipped with knowledge that is fused with the ability to think. Now we are moving to develop a generalist with a broader perspective rather than a specialist armed with expertise, in order to enter an era of convergence of knowledge in many fields.

Through hard work and effort the last few years, Chung-Ang University’s Da Vinci College of Liberal Arts has completely transformed its curriculum of liberal arts education. The shift has gone from an educator centered curriculum to developing curriculums centered on students. This shift went from traditional methods of teaching to developing curriculum that enables us to equip our future talents. In the process, necessary subjects have been newly developed reflecting the talents of Chung-Ang University – a place where talented people are gathered and full of cultural imagination.

The lectures of Da Vinci College of Liberal Arts have been highly evaluated at Chung-Ang University for many years. Nowadays, as the importance of liberal arts education is emphasized, all of the members of Chung-Ang University will take the lead in the development of future talented people equipped with a wide range of knowledge and thinking skills.

Dean of the Da Vinci College of General Education